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Villain, also known as V, is SuperVillain and Superhero's child. He was introduced to ACN around the time of the death of his father, SuperVillain.


Villain's personality is just like his father's. He can be mean some times, and random at others. Not much is known otherwise.


Villain is the oldest son of SuperVillain and Superhero. He has a sister, Hero, who he talks with frequently. He also communicates with his uncle, HeroVillain(brother of SuperVillain). Half related to their family is Viller, a clone created off of Villain. Villa is also a clone based on Viller.


This has never been mentioned, but Villain has the ability to control the dead. After burning down a village when he was young, he was cursed by a magician. This curse forced Villain to hear and speak with the dead. He shares their misery and in return, he can control them. He rarely uses his powers because controlling the dead too long can cause him to lose control of them and wreck havoc.