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Even MZD is not amused.

UFOghostGeek, also known as UFO, or Alfie, is a user of the ACN chat who has average interest in Anime and Manga, but nothing more than that. He seems to like everyone in the ACN chat and doesn't really have a grudge against anyone at all, and comes and goes over time, a rarity of the chat.

Personality and Interests[]

UFO is known to have an obsessive interest in computers and IT technology, as well as hentai. He is known to be a Mac user, and photoshopped the image of Jedward Cullen. He is conservative, rather posh, well spoken and on that note, rather perverted.

So perverted in fact, that he had underage sex with Noelle's best friend, Nerina.

Real Life[]

In real life UFO's best friend is Jadie who he undressss in his mind greatly, and thought she may not realise it, tries his best to rape her.

That is all... thank you for your time.

The Motherfucking Game.

Rape long and prosper, motherfuckers.