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The Hunter Brothers (also called The Hunter Clan) is a band of elite warriors, whom are not evil or good, rather neautral in aura. It is unknown when the group was founded and who by, but the group is still active today. All three of the Hunter Brothers were born with special magical abilities, which they use to their advantages.



Sirius Hunter[]

Sirius is the eldest of the three brothers, and the most experienced. He carries a sword called The Widowmaker, which is made of

enchanted black titanium. He tends to appoint himself as the leader of the group, mainly because he decides strategies and tactics, but no-one has agreed on it.

Christian Hunter[]


Christian is the second eldest of the group, but is more skilled than Sirius in some respects; for instance, Marksmanship. However, Christian tends to stick

to melee combat, either with his two swords or his dagger.

Matthias Hunter[]

Matthias is the youngest in the group. He is a very solitary person who likes to keep to himself. In battle, he uses his large sword which is made out of enchanted onyx called "Shadow Thunder".



The Hunter Brothers are members of the Hunter family. Apart from the brothers, there are also two girls; Simone andArrabella. For a complete family tree, click here.

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