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SuperVillain (soo-purr-vill-uhn), also know as SV, Dante, and Tony (Not to be confused with another Tony), is a member of Animal Crossing Neighborhood. He is the top-ranked poster on the forums, as well as the first member to join. SuperVillain joined the forums on June18, 2008.



SuperVillain was born on December 16, 1996. His parents left him for adoption, as he was purely evil. No one dared adopt SV, which is why he ended up growing up by himself. In late 2007, he was introduced to the internet when he not before long created Animal Crossing Neighborhood.


SuperVillain has two children with SuperHero. Their oldest is their son named Villain (Who has taken his father's account after his disappearance.) Their youngest is their daughter named Hero. It is unknown at the moment where they were born, and how old they are. For a complete family tree, please visit his family tree.

Accounts Owned/Previously Owned[]

  • SuperVillain
  • Villain
  • SuperHero
  • Hero
  • Villa
  • Viller
  • Crystal
  • Keroro
  • Lemmy Koopa
  • Harry Potter
  • Test
  • DanteTheRocketGrunt
  • Moony
  • Turkey
  • Scorch
  • Puff
  • Chomper
  • Exmortis
  • MM. Jr
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Claus
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Protoman
  • Gutsman
  • Oil Man
  • Sparkman


SuperVillain was pronounced dead on March 20, 2010 during the wedding of Ragnarok and Lantana. After bursting through the doors, Viller came in and killed SuperVillain with his Omega Beam. A funeral was then held the day after on the forums.

After the anomalies of his family were killed off, there have been rumors speculating that it was a false SuperVillain who died on the 3/20/10 incident. It is also rumored that he is currently dimension-skipping in search for the perfect world.

In the recent events of The Revival Project, it was confirmed that the actual SuperVillain indeed did die that day. The SuperVillain dimension-skipping at the moment is one of a different Earth unknown at the time, though it is believed that he comes from the same universe as Masked Man Jr.


The SuperVillain from a different universe failed to find the perfect reality. Instead, he has decided to stay on our universe. He mentions he could take the place of the SuperVillain that died. At the moment, he hangs out on ACN spending time with the SV Family and owning/maintaining The SV News and The SV Show.