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SuperHero, also known as SH, is a member of ACN. She is the mother of Villain and Hero, and the wife of SuperVillain. She was introduced to the forums around the same time as SuperVillain, but her character was never established until later on.


SuperHero's personality is not well known. She is just a simple mother/wife who cares for her family. She will sometimes have another personality known as her dark side. She would mumble things under her breath and act all evil. It is unknown where this dark side comes from.


SuperHero is a member of the SV Family. She is the wife of SuperVillain. They have had two children; Hero and Villain. She rarely talks with the new SuperVillain, but she still speaks with her children.


SuperHero has never before mentioned powers. She has the power to control, and shape-shift, water and any other liquids. Where ever she is, she can control water to come out of pipes, sewers, you name it. On some occasions, she can form water creatures that will do what she commands. Plus-more, when she absorbs water, she can help purify any injuries she's acquired. No one knows where she got her powers from.