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Sparkman, a robot Master from the Megaman series, joined ACN on August 2010. He was the temporary replacement for Gutsman following his disappearance.


Sparkman joined ACN as an Art Teacher from Dr. Wily's Academy for Robot Masters. He tried stopping the production of spam on the forums, but was unsuccessful.

Sparkman had gone missing for nearly a month when his whereabouts were questioned. The SV News then released a special bulletin that Sparkman had gone to a teacher's convention in China and was sleeping with a teacher. This broke Akai's heart, a girl who had a crush on Sparkman, and suicided.

Returning from China, Sparkman heard the news about Akai and was deeply saddened, though he didn't show this. Following Akai's timely resurrection, he helped Akai regain her feelings from an unemotional time period. Following this, they have now grown a close relationship.


In the month of October, many robot masters had been replaced by a powerful army of clones, created by Shademan. Sparkman was one of them. His clone, Sparkman., ruined his image by hitting on Topman, a fellow robot master. Sparkman later gained control of his account, and everything was back to normal.

Shade Influence[]

In the month of December 2010, many robots were placed under Shademan's control known as The Shade Influence. Sparkman was one of the many who were under his control. When Shademan lost to Lemmy Koopa, Sparkman returned his feelings and memories.