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Simone Hunter is one of the two sisters in the Hunter Family. She is 14 years of age, equal to her sister Arrabella. Simone was invented and is played by Vix847.


Full name: Simone Andrea 'Crystal' Hunter

Age: 17

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 129 lbs Occupation: Student

Weapon(s): None

Power(s): Ice, water, snow, minus temperatures


Simone is very playful, but gets embarrassed easily. She is also very curious, and likes to know what's going on at all times. She often tries to impress everyone else, especially the people of the opposite gender, but never admits to doing so deliberately. She adores physical activity and being creative; which is why she can often be found swimming or doodling. Simone has never had a relationship, but has developed a thing for Lionel, Ragnarok's son.
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Simone is a member of the Hunter Family, and has a sister called Arrabella, whom she is very close to. Apart from her sister, she also has three brothers, the Hunter Brothers; Sirius. Matthias, and Christian. For a complete family tree, click here.


Simone has never been known to use her powers as frequently as her siblings, but it is known that she has control over ice and water. She is yet to master her power, which is shown when she gets angry or aggrivated, as she often clenches her fists, which then begin the freeze whatever she is touching / holding.


Simone has a blue heart tattoo on her right shoulder.
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