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Silver was an account previously owned by FuturisticKitty, and before that, GhostDalek. He was later replaced by LilMissMarshmallow, as he was was "killed" by Claus. When he came back, he was replaced by Eros, who went to work for Palutena.


After getting bored of failing at Pokemon, he decided to go emo, and somehow stumbled on ACN. For some unknown reason, he became a member. He fell in love with Carole, but after they had child, Claus got sick of him and killed him. Later, it was revealed that Silver was never killed, and was just in a coma. He is now active on ACN once again.


Silver's dad is Giovanni, but he didn't know that until he was a teen. He hardly ever saw his dad after that, either. Silver also does not know his mother, but she's suspected to be Delia Ketchum.

He had a child with Carole, called Winter.


Silver never had much of a personality, apart from being slightly emo, and when he argued with Claus, which is what lead to his death.