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ShieldedSwampert, a.k.a. DojoManiac a.k.a. Blaze is a member of the website called ACN and doesn't post as often because she is a lazy procrastinator. LAZY. PROCRASTINATOR.



SS was born smack-dab in the middle of winter. This was very bad, considering it's hard for newborns to survive in winter and she was the LAST HALFDRAGON ON EARTH AND POSSIBLY THE UNIVERSE. And of course because of Earth's atmosphere, she appears as a human. No wings, no tail, no completely awesome blue scales, just an un-normal human. It sucks. A lot. But it's still usable over the internet. :D

Oh, and you don't GET a picture of me because I have NO CLUE how to work this stuff. >:C



Arceus is technically Blaze's "pet". What happened was, Blaze traveled up to the peak of Mt. Coronet to see Arceus. The two got in a bit of an argument and Blaze bet Arceus that she could beat him in a game of Hide and Seek atop of Spear Pillar. Blaze won by Swamp tripping over Arceus who was invisible and now Blaze owns Arceus for the rest of eternity (sounds like Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). But there were also consequences. Arceus discovered the internet and was acting like a noob while Giratina helplessly tried to pry Arceus off of it. It failed, and Giratina was sent to the Distortion World because of it. Now Arceus wreaks havoc over the internet.

And I think he just discovered 4chan. This is bad.

(Another) Giratina[]

There are actually two Giratinas. Blaze caught the other, more serious one, and now both he and Arceus fight.

Even though everyone else thinks they love each other.

Now I gotta run before they both kill me. D;