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Ryu Oshiro Takahashi (竜), is an expert ninja shinobi (samurai without a master) OC from the Takahashi clan, who is roleplayed by Vix847. It is unknown how old he is, but looks around mid-teen bordering on adulthood. He is currently in a relationship with Lux, and is also fathering a child with her.


Ryu is a very friendly person, but often keeps to himself. He has no preferrence to social settings, whether it be in a discussion in a large group, or walking alone in a forest. However, Ryu becomes very fierce when in battle; but, due to his vitesse in combat, this mindset is shortlived.

Weaponry & Battle[]

Being a shinobi, Ryu has extreme skill in attack, defence, stealth, and tactics. He possesses extreme strength and the stamina to move incredibly quickly for prelonged amounts of time. Weaponry wise, Ryu carries a large amount of select weaponry, which he is efficient and masterful at using. Apart from hand-to-hand combat, he uses shuriken (ninja stars), kunai (throwing knives), and his personal katana (sword):Shadow Thunder.


Ryu is an only child. His mother, Mayu, was a geisha in the royal family. She was exciled long ago for unknown reasons, and had her son with Kato Oshiro, a rogue shinobi from the Takahashi clan. The clan became notorious for their skilled mercenaries and assassins, and Ryu became known as The Prince of Injustice. For a full family tree, click here.

Ryu's three main weapons: Shuriken (Top right), Kunai (Top left), and the Shadow Thunder (Bottom).


Ryu us partially based on the popular character 'Ryu Hyabusa' from the Ninja Gaiden games and the Dead or Alive series.

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