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Ragnarok, also refered to as CX by his friends from ACC, is an average American 14-year-old that hates life and almost everyone in his life. Ragnarok's ACN account is Ragnar0k, but he rarely gets on due to the forums being too random and hard to keep up with. He is currently using his forum account to achieve 1250 total posts so that SuperVillian will make him a Chat Mod. He goes by the name Ragnarok when in the chat, which is were you will 99% of the time find him. Since Ragnarok does not have many real life friends, he spends most all of his free time either playing video games or on the internet. Ragnarok prefers games that are popular these days, like Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands, but also enjoys old games that date back to the SNES. Ragnarok does not really enjoy the games that most people on ACN usually talk about, like the Mother series and Yume Nikki. Therefore, he always believes that he does not belong, and that everyone else does not care much about what he usually talks about. One thing that seperates Ragnarok from most males his age is his hair, which is longer than everyone else's in his class, and he can never figure out how to keep his hair straight. Ragnarok is currently only a ghost, due to him dying from "accidental" pain killer overdose, so he can now float above ground and fly through walls.Keroro Gunso is probably the only thing that Ragnarok was interested in that everyone else was at one time. Ragnarok has no specific taste in music. He enjoys any kind of music that sounds good, and is not country, rap, hip-hop, classical, slow, dealing with romance, or any of the music that plays on the radio 24/7 these days. By the way, Ragnarok is in the EST time zone, so his time is different than most people's time in the chat.


Not much is known about Ragnarok's family. What is known is that he has a mother and father that are divorced. He also has two older brothers, one that is always out partying or at his screamo (which Ragnarok hates as well) band practices, while the other brother stays home and becomes an annoyance. Ragnarok became married to Lantana on the 21st of March, 2010.


Ragnarok has a very weird personality compared to others, though usually he'll be depressed due to his hatred of living. (as well as the death of a lobster that he thought looked epic ans did not deserve to die... ;w;) Ragnarok is not depressed to the lines of which he would kill himself, well, in real life at least, seeing as he is dead in the chat and now is a ghost. He tends to stay quiet when he is playing video games, unless he plays Modern Warfare 2 where he uses a mic, and when he is surfing the internet. Most of the time when he speaks, he is asking what is for dinner, or other questions that won't lead to a long conversation.