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Pyro is Vix847's Charizard who is his very good friend. He is very loyal to Vix847, mainly because he was his starter pokémon. Vix has known him throughout his life; when he was a Charmander, then he trained him to a Charmeleon, and his final form, a Charizard.

Pyro is a very playful pokémon, who enjoys playing games and fun activities. He has a very good sense of smell, and is very self aware (so he doesn't accidentally set stuff on fire with his tail...much), which makes him an excellent flyer.


Basic Information[]

Name: Pyro

Type: Charizard

Attacks: Slash, Dig, Fissure, Strength


Level: 71

Attack: 165

Defence: 166

Speed: 198

Special: 181

Note: These statistics are in real time, and may have changed since this page was last updated.