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Pit is a member of ACN, whose account actually belongs to FuturisticKitty. He is the 9th top poster, although many of his posts could be considered as spam.


Pit doesn’t have much of a family, so he enjoys messing around with other peoples family lives. He pays no attention to his son, Eros, whatsoever, mainly because neither or them can get on with each other without starting an argument. Also, he cares very little for Eros anymore due to the fact that he doesn’t consider him to be his son, even though he is genetically.
Pit has a huge crush on his ex, Carole’s, father, Ike, even though Ike acts very violent towards him.
Pit also had a lot to do with the reason why Winter, Carole’s daughter, got pregnant., as he controlled Grayson’s body.
The closest thing to family he has is Palutena, who he used to sometimes get to fight his battles for him. Now Pit is over confident of himself and doesn’t need her anymore.


Pit is mean, and a pervert. He’s also done many things that make him seem like a paedophile, but most of them he probably did for kicks. He doesn’t have much of a life, other than arguing, flirting, forcing people do to things and being abusive. He quotes song lyrics a lot.


Pit is an angel, although, he never acts this way. He's not an angel because he has died, but in actual fact, because he is the son of an angel, although he knows neither of his parents. His mother is said to be Palutena, though. He's said to be flightless, but clearly can fly in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in the RPs.