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PickyMinch (most of the time just called by his first name, Picky) is a member of ACN whose account is owned by FuturisticKitty. He is based on the character of the same name from EarthBound.


Picky first joined ACN to apologize for his brother's spamming. He discovered how much nicer the people on there were than his parents, as everyone was complementing him, and decided that he hated it at home. He soon fell in love with NintenGirl, although at the time, she was going out with Ninten. One day, Ninten went on a trip into space and never returned. Jadie had thought Ninten had died so she thought it was a good idea to move on. She fell in love with Picky, and soon after, they got married, and Picky moved away from his parents and in with her.


Picky's family range from having people who are really nice, and people who are really mean. His mother and father still live to together, along with his brother, PorkyMinch. They are very cruel and mean to him, as they are to pretty much everyone.

He had two children called Calysia and Grayson, to his wife, Jadie. Grayson had a daughter of him own, Ciara, the mother being Winter, who is Carole's daughter.


Picky was originally very shy, but slowly came out of his shell. He became very protective over Jadie, but always is conscious over the things she says to people sometimes. Some of these things worry him, even if she is only joking. He is very sweet and very rarely argues with anyone, unless he is put in a stressful situation (for example, when Jadie gave birth to Calypsia).