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An OC (standing for 'Original Character') is a kind of roleplaying character that has been completely invented or made up by one person or multiple people, for the purpose of roleplaying. The very definition of an OC, means that the person has to have come up with every single identifying aspect of the character itself, or it ceases to be 'original'. Having said that, it is possible to have a partially Original Character, where said character inherits certain traits from a person / character from the media or another source.


  • An example of a completely original character is Christian; as his inventor, Vix847, completely made him up from scratch.
  • An example of a partially original character is Ryu; as he is based on a Ryu Hyabusa, and inherits some of his traits.
  • An example of a non-original character is PorkyMinch; as he has been taken from the Mother/Earthbound series of video games for the purpose of roleplaying, and has not been invented by the roleplayer themselves.