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Oilman Junior of ACN-2 is the son of Oilman Sr. and Jadie on the world known as ACN-2. Little is known about Oilman Junior.


Oilman of ACN-2 was his father while Jadie of that world was his mother. Oilman Junior murdered his father on ACN-2 and took over the forum known as Animal Crossing Team. He despised his mother, who constantly tried to thwart his plans.


There is currently no being called Oilman Junior on ACN-1. Oilman died before he could start a life with Jadie, and when he returned, it seemed like she moved on. Thus, they could never start a life...

Oilman Junior, along with all those on ACN-2, were transported to ACN-1 on January 2011 by Shademan. He thought the ensuing chaos between both anomolies would destroy ACN and could thus take over. Not wanting to return to ACN-2, Oilman destroyed his home planet. Shademan's plans failed however, and Oilman Junior along with his compadres, were forced to go back to their newly recreated world. Oilman Junior disappeared before he was sent back, and was not seen until the events of May Madenning in May 2011.