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NintenGirl is an long-time member of Animal Crossing Neighborhood. Her first account, now owned by her daughter, joined on September 5 2008, and is now the site's second top poster with over 5,000 posts (Although wif you count ALL her accounts, including role-play, she has a lot more.) She is known mostly as Jadiebloop around the internet, and her real name is Jadie.


Jadie is something called a Bloopian, like a Sapien but "smarter". Her mother was the only Bloopian left in the entire world and needed to have a baby Bloopian (preferably female) before she was hunted down for whatever reason. The lady fell in love with King Dedede (a penguin, because Bloopians can somehow successfully mate with animals, producing a human bloopian with animal blood and even characteristics) and thus Jadie was born. She was left in a cave and brought up by Chocobos. Late Summer 2009, she was finally reunited with her dad, however he keeps anything about Jadie's mother completely confidential, even to his own daughter.

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