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The term "Ninja'd" is an internet phenomenon, used in chat rooms with multiple users, much like "Owned" or "LOL". The term is derived from the supposed fact that a ninja is extremely quick in moving. Since the term is used when someone has shown exceedingly quick typing (see below), the person is said to be a "ninja", who has "ninja'd" the others.


"Ninja'd" is used when someone says something, which has a set reaction. The ninja is someone who quickly posts the set answer, just before someone else. Therefore, someone has posted the set answer just after the ninja, and is said to have been "ninja'd". Observe the following example;

User A asks a question with a set answer, i.e. "1 + 1 = ?", and the answer is "2". (At 0 seconds) User A: What is 1 + 1?

(At 3 seconds) User B: 2.

(At 3.5 seconds) User C: 2.

'''After User B has quickly claimed 1st place in the metaphorical race to answer the question, it is customery for the ninja to boast their typing skills, by typing "Ninja'd." or "Haha, I ninja'd you."''''', etc.

It is possible for one to proclaim themselves to have ninja'd someone, when actually they have been ninja'd themselves. This is usually followed by the phrase: "Ninja fail."

Other Uses[]

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Double Ninja[]

The Double Ninja is the act of performing the act of ninja'ing someone, and then ninja'ing them again on top of that. The only known person to have performed this act is Vix847, who Double Ninja'd CX twice on the 9th of March 2010.

The following is a transcript of the second Double Ninja on that day.

Vix847: I'm gonna do a drawing now.

Vix847: k

CX: k (First Ninja)

Vix847: ninja'd

CX: k (Second Ninja)



CX: for the second time