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A picture of Murasaki, with her pet dragon Hurricane.

Murasaki Renee Taifun (MOO-rah-sah-kee Re-NAY Tai-FOON) is a member of ACN and the youngest of the two Taifun Sisters. She joined the site on the 13th August 2010, not long after after her 18th birthday. She is owned and roleplayed by JadieBloop .


Unfortunately, Murasaki's father was a rapist who assaulted several women, including Murasaki's mother, Mona. Mona became pregnant with Mura, and was persuaded by her family to get an abortion, as she already had her hands full with Dirge and was not capable of taking care of two children at once on her own. Mona was not someone to kill her own unborn baby though, and Murasaki was born on August the 3rd.

Mona miraculously managed to take good care of both, and they grew up to be fine young girls. Murasaki eventually went to school (Dirge did too, but she hated it), and got very good grades in most of her subjects. Mona eventually got a job all the way in Florida and decided her girls were old enough to take care of the house by themselves.

Not long after her 18th birthday, Murasaki was introduced to ACN and all it's users. She grew quite fond of one member called TornadoMan, and they became close friends. Even with much teasing of how they were "obviously in love", she denied it for days on end. Once Murasaki accidentally lost her temper with a rather tsundere girl called Shun after being ignored when trying to apologise for being a bit mean earlier, and started saying things she didn't mean to her. A bastard named Ryan started blaming Murasaki for everything wrong in the world, causing her to have one of her emotional breakdowns where she feels suicidal. Dirge, her dragon Hurricane and Tornado stood up for Murasaki, and she eventually calmed.

Murasaki eventually fell in love with TornadoMan, but she still denied the fact until one day he admitted his love to her on a beautiful beach while on vacation in Spain.

It is unknown when exactly it happened, but Murasaki became pregnant with Tornado's baby, and is due to give birth any time soon.


Murasaki has a rather large family, but she hates most of them, especially her grandmother, for lying to her and teasing her just because she was born. Mura's mother Mona is incredibly supportive and caring for both of her daughters, and Dirge treats Mura as if she were her best friend. She has a very stable and loving relationship with Tornado, and she can't wait until her daughter Fuyuko is born. Mura also has a pet storm dragon named Hurricane, who likes to create windy weather just for the fun of it.


Murasaki seems shy and as good as gold when you first meet her, but once you become close friends with her, she reveals her true side. She can be noisy and random at times, and is considered annoying by a certain person who controls Ryan. Like a lot of people, she can get angry and say things she doesn't mean, she can get sad and feel like dying. But hey, she's only human. She is very sweet and caring towards her family.