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Mathias Hunter

Matthias Hunter (Also referred to as 'Matt', 'Matty', 'Matthew', or simply 'M') is the youngest brother of the three Hunter Brothers, and the youngest in his family. Matthias has become slightly famous over his ability to become invisible. He is currently roleplayed by Vix847.


Full name: Matthias Elliot Hunter

Age: 17

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 97 lbs

Occupation: Student, First Grade Paramedic

Weapon(s): Enchanted onyx sword "Shadow Thunder".

Power(s): Telepathy, speed, invisibility.

Mathias in an alternate outfit, but with Momo sat on his head.


Matthias is a very solitary person, who keeps himself to himself, and prefers not to be in large crowds, but he can cope with it. Those who have managed to talk to him often find he's a very nice person to chat with, even though he himself doesn't do it very often. Activities wise, Matthias enjoys physical training, working out in the gym, playing video games and other games alike, and also culinary studies. Along with playing and cooking, he is also the only of the three Hunter Brothers that has an honour in Paramedical Studies, making him the only medic on the team.


Matthias is a member of the Hunter Family. He has four siblings; Christian, Sirius,Simone, and Arrabella. For a complete family tree, click here.

Mathias' forum picture.


Every one of the Hunter Brothers was born with different magical powers, and each use them to their advantage. Matthias' powers are:

  • Super speed
  • Telepathy
  • Invisibility


  • Matthias has several tattoos that he hardly ever shows. Apart from the black stripe across his eyes, he has a tribal design across his chest.
  • He often describes himself as "the warrior medic", and "the guy who can hurt and heal at the same time".
  • Matthias owns a cat, which he called Momo. Momo is very intelligent and very agile, too.

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