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Lux in her shinobi outfit. Note her waist-mounted katana.

'Luciyama Chiba (Nicknamed ''Lux', the Latin for 'light') is an expert shinobi and an honourary member of the Takahashi Ninja Clan on account of being the partner of the Clan's leader, Ryu Oshiro. She seems to be in her late teens, but it is unsure her actual age; most assume she is approximately 18 years of age. Currently, Lux is pregnant with her partner's child, it is unknown what she will call the child. Lux is a half OC, played by Vix847.


Lux has a very effervescent, energetic, and enthusiastic mindframe on most occasions. She can often be found jumping up and making one-word comments, usually the pivotal word from the previous sentence.


Lux was born from Maiya, who died in labour. Her father is called Haruki, who left her in the care of her older sister Natsumi when she was very young. Haruki has not been seen since. For a full family tree, click here.

Weapons & Battle[]

Lux is the more peaceful of the Ninja Clan, seen less often in combat that her sister Natsumi and her partner Ryu.


Lux is partially based on Kasumi from the Dead or Alive video game series.

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