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12, better known as JoJo, is a 12 year old self proclaimed 15 year old who acts like a 5 year old. Claims he asked out a 15 year old girl who he used to have a crush on who is actually 6 IRL and secretly likes Kiki. Poor Kiki. :C

History (I guess.)


There's not much to talk about, besides the fact that everyone thought JoJo was a girl

JoJo finally admitting (s)he's a pedo.

because of his pathetic excuse for a (guys) name. This lead to moar lulz because he got really angry about it and everyone decided to tease him more.

Then there was the incident that Hana decided to bring up the fact that JoJo swears too fucking much, so he decided to swear more and tell her to "Fuck off" which obviously she didn't because she's one of the best friends of the owner of the whole damn chat. Basically long story short, she also tried guessing his age after saying he acted like a 12 year old (which he obviously denied because he's plainly 15 despite the fact that it even says he's 12 on his ACC profile), resulting in him becoming even more angsty like a 12 year old and telling her to go "Fuck off" some more. After attempting to guess his age and getting it right because he is actually 12 he went into defensive mode and wouldn't shut up about

12 being a douche again B'AWWWWW

anything. She then gave up with his pathetic cussing and said he wasn't even worth a "cool story bro" which naturally he acted like a 12 year old would cussed her out some more and left. B'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Sources say the rare species of Jojo is located in NARNIA!!!!! So everyone, grab your pitchforks and lets hunt it down. FOR NARNIA, I say!

Bella? Jojo likes Twilight?! WTF!

Artistic Talent of 12

She has none. The picture to your right proves so. I mean, really? What is this picture supposed to be?

The End of Poor Jojo (loljk)

Everyone making 12 a guest because we're nice. Not that it mattered because (s)he was offline.

Basically, because JoJo was acting goffik and cussing everyone out every 1.2 seconds, Jadie did us all a favour and banned him. Hopefully, he will never appear again! Yay. Doesn't that make you happy, children?

After less than 24 hours, he went on another computer and came back so he wasn't banned and started swearing at us in Private chats trying to troll us. And she calls us childish.

Ten minutes or so into the so-called "trolling" that she was attempting at and failing, she decided to troll herself and even go to say, here I quote: "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." and started trying to be our friend. Too bad

Oh you.

she lost our trust, like, 3 paragraphs back.

When we then started giving her a taste of her own medicine she stopped attempting to troll us and left us alone like good girls should.

The Actual End

Yes, we successfully managed to shoo away Jojo. On the 21st of December, Jojo vandalized this page. To make matters worse, he went on ACC and sent Jadie and SV tons of PT's linking to this page. The rest of the story is confidential, but what happened was Jojo got banned on ACC and never bothered us again.