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Jedward Cullen is a member of ACN. However, he is one of the site's spammers and a lot of his posts are either illegible or inapproriate. He has many accounts from where he has either forgotten his password or been banned.

Jedward Cullen is *interrupted by Aurora* A HORRIBLE UGLY BASTERT THAT TRIED TO RAPE ME, I HOPE HE ROTS IN HELL SDSDFVBVCXKDCFVKCKXOCVKOKOCPXFPL and i just love it when Flash murders him (:


Not much is known about Jedward's past, apart from the fact he must have been brought up by Edward Cullen and John & Edward Grimes. However, the infamous user: Ufoghostgeek is known to be his creator, and photoshopper.


Again, not much is known about his family apart from Edward Cullen and John & Edward Grimes most likely raised him up. He laid 666 eggs, which all hatched. All of the children committed incest soon after.


Jedward is an imbecible and has an extremely dirty mind. He spends a lot of his time doing inapproriate things with people, mostly PorkyMinch. He types terribly and makes loads of threads of the same thing, usually something dirty.


Jedward first didn't like Preoky but soon fell in a deep and disturbing relationship with him. After being raped mutiple times, he became pregnant, and laid his eggs, which all hatched into "beautiful" Jedward lookalikes with Porky's hair.


Masada shot Jedward in the head, making Jedward develop a massive crush on him. (As if he didn't love everyone else already.) He also tries to get the piano teacher to love him by trying to rape Miya (How does that work?)