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Ike is a member of ACN whose account is owned by FuturisticKitty. He is based on the character from the Fire Emblem series and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Ike lives at home with his daughter, Carole, and his boyfriend, Marth. Carole only exists by an "accident" and Ike says that he should've known better, but he still loves Carole either way. He, himself, actually knows very little about Carole's mother, although she let him keep her; she didn't want a child.

Marth was his first true love, and he's always been with him since then. Pit doesn't like this, though, and always tries to split them up. Ike actually fell for it for a short period of time, but now he hates Pit.

Ike is the grandfather to Carole's 6 children, and a great grandfather to Ciara, Winter and Grayson's child.


Ike is very brave and will stick up people he is close to, whatever the situation. Most of the time, this just leads to an argument, though, which is most of the time against Pit, and occasionally PorkyMinch.


His main hobbies are fighting in Brawl, or against evil, and spending time with Marth.