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Helix is a female shapeshifter who is roleplayed by Vix847. Not much is known about her, except for her affinity with animals.


It is unknown whether Helix has any family, but she somehow knows Natsumi Chiba and Ryu Oshiro. Currently, Richard is in love with Helix, and it is unknown whether the feeling is mutual or not. Apparently before Richard, Helix was in love with Ryu, until her heart was broken when she found out he was in a relationship with Luciyama Chiba.


In a recent affair, it was uncovered that Helix goes by the codename 'Gamma', similar to Natsumi going by 'Sigma' and Ryu going by 'Delta'. The reasoning behind this is unknown, apart from the fact that she is part of the same clan as Ryu and Natsumi.