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GhostDalek (a.k.a. DalekSec1, RunningOutOfNames) is a member of Animal Crossing Neighbourhood. She is the 3rd top overall poster, and is a Chat Mod. She joined the site on February 14th, 2009.


Kiki's history is an odd one, which might get confusing later on in the lines. Her Mother and Father died in a fire and she refuses to tell anyone about them. Not like anyone asks though. She was sent to an orphanage with her sister, Mimi. Both girls were Shapeshifters and shunned by the other children. When Kiki was 10, her sister and her both went to join Count Bleck's forces. Kiki soon left, leaving her sister behind and went on an Adventure of sorts with her friends. She has had many crushes: Peekaboo, Dimentio (Whom she has wrongly called Dimentino a few times), King Boo, Keith, Komorii and a few others. None of these really started off.

Her first real love was when she was 11 with Claus. Kiki fell in love with Claus, and vice-versa. Later on, Claus left due to Kiki's friends being too random and Kiki tried with Saturn and Silver, both of these failed and she went back to Claus again.


A large and some might say confusing family, Kiki's family is probably one of the largest on ACN, but most of her family members don't go online.

When Kiki went back to Claus after the brief trip of having multiple crushes again, she became pregnant with twins. The twins were born on the 20th of December and taken back in time until they were 10 years old. The twins were named Kiba and Kain. Later, Kiba was turned into a Keron and Kain was hit by a age ray, which made him grow to 15 years old. Kain fell in love with Elizabeth, and they had 6 kids. These kids were: Emerald, David, Danielle, Crimson, Percy and Joe and recently Shadow was found to be Kain's and Elizabeth's. Percy and Danielle both have children. Danielle's children are Thunder, River and Wind.

For the full family, view the family tree.


GhostDalek has controlled quite a few characters on ACN, however some of these have not stayed for very long or just have been taken over by other characters. These characters are:

  • Herself (GhostDalek)
  • Kibaba
  • Kururu
  • 02
  • Emerald
  • Crimson
  • Joey Wheeler
  • Sapphire
  • Zoruru
  • Dororo
  • Silver
  • Monoko
  • Monoe
  • Miki
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Waddle Dee
  • Drawcia
  • Giegue

And maybe even more!


As well as controlling Video Game/Anime characters, Kiki has a few OC's as well.

  • Miki (A Yume Nikki OC)
  • Masumi (A Yume Nikki OC)
  • Emerald Norris (A YGO/Pokemon/Warriors OC)
  • Crimson Norris (A YGO/Warriors OC)
  • Joe Norris (A Warriors OC)
  • Silve (A Pokemon OC)
  • Serenity (A Sonic OC)
  • Kibaba (A Keroro Gunso OC)
  • Kain (A random OC not really based on anything)
  • Ginny Reed (A Beano OC)
    • Iola (Kirby OC)

And maybe more, but I can't remember them.