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FuturisticKitty is a member of of Animal Crossing Neighborhood. She joined the site on August 1st 2009, and is now one of its most active members, and the fourth top overall poster. Her real name is Carole and is known around the internet as TheShnookster.


FuturisticKitty has quite a large family on ACN. Her father is Ike and her mother is unknown by every other member but him. He considers what happened to be an "accident", and she was looked after by him and his boyfriend, Marth.

She's been in five relationships, although none of them have gone very successful. First of all, she started to date PorkyMinch, and eventually they arranged to get married, but the wedding was crashed by Pit, who stole Carole, although she'd had twins with Porky. The twins later got put into adoption. Pit then had a child with Carole, Eros. This didn't end very well, though, as Pit developed a crush on Carole's father Ike, and forgot about Carole, who he decided to dump. After this, she dated Silver who she, again, had a child with. This time a girl called Winter. Silver got killed by Claus, so Carole stayed alone for a while, until she met Wolf Link. She found him to be a cheater, and left him after a few days, and got with Lucas. She didn't love Lucas at all, so dumped him and went back to Wolf Link. She had a set of twins with him, Sky and Bryce.

Winter then had her own child, Ciara, (albeit an accident) Grayson being the father, although Pit did play a part in this.

For the full family tree, click here.


Carole has an upbeat personality, although sometimes she can get upset in certain situations. Many people consider her as "wrong" or "a perv", but compared to other people on the site, she isn't that bad. She is called an emo by quite a few people, mainly because of her music taste, but her attitude is (most of the time) rather the opposite.

Hobbies & Interests[]

Carole has many hobbies and interests, but mainly video games, her favorites being the Mother series. She is also very creative and enjoys drawing and making things, such as her bead models.

Other Forms[]

Kuro-Carole is Carole's dark side, which wanted to take over the world. It's not actually Carole, but something that possessed her, said to be from out of space. Kuro-Carole's effects wear off very quickly though, but come randomly, or are brought on by something upsetting.

Carole is also a werewolf, which was caused by her drinking a potion. The only difference to a normal werewolf is that she can change when she wants.

Carole was also Keronian at one point, known as Caroro.


Characters Carole owns (or has previously owned) on ACN:

  • Herself (Obviously)
  • PorkyMinch - Carole's ex and an annoying spammer
  • Pit - A perv who is in love with her dad
  • Ike - Carole's Dad
  • Marth - Carole's Dad's boyfriend
  • PickyMinch - Porky's brother
  • Silver - Carole's old boyfriend. He was killed by Claus.
  • ToonLink - A pointless character who got replaced
  • LilMissMarshmallow - Porky's robot maid and lover
  • Tony - A boy who goes to a boarding school. He loves Jeff Andonuts.
  • Loid - The child genius
  • Ness - The main character of EarthBound. An adventurous boy with a... difference.
  • Lucas - A shy young boy. Claus' brother.
  • Ciara - Winter's daughter
  • Winter - Carole's first daughter
  • Eros - Carole's son to Pit. Now works for Palutena, like his father, only he does a better job.
  • Gold (for a short period of time) - Silver's rival
  • Joey - Herself, but as a boy, when she fell out with Jadie.
  • Lilia - A fairy. Pit's counterpart.

Characters Carole uses ONLY on ACN Chat:

  • Sky - Carole's daughter to Wolf Link
  • Bryce - Carole's son to Wolf Link
  • Lil Miss Porkmallow - Porky and LMM's daughter

Unused Characters:

  • Matt - One of Porky's sons
  • Alex - The other of Porky's sons