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"You see, our family lived in prosperity. Kiki, my mom, and Claus, my dad, visited ACN frequently. We had lots of friends there like SuperHero (The maker of our ACN), Jadie, Carole, and CC(I think KK on here). From what I know about this ACN, Claus died and later came back as MM. Well, that never happened here. He never died.So we frequently got visits from friends, like Ness, Lucas, Ninten. But then one fateful day came. Carole brought Porky to ACN. She didn't know, but Porky was KILLED by Ness years earlier. My parents panicked, and soon I found out why. It was Giygas as Porky. He can take shapes of other people. Anyways, my mom and dad grew aware of Giygas's true intentions. He wanted to destroy ACN. Kiki and Claus fought Giygas, but Carole not knowing the truth, she took Giygas's side. She died trying to help her loved one, and Giygas kissed her in her dying moment. SuperHero was angered, and never seen again on the internet after that day. My parents fought Giygas, and eventually killed him. But as they killed him, he exploded and killed my parents. Jadie, well, she always had a thing for my dad and apparently killed herself. :sad:[]
I spent years of many research, looking for a way to bring them back to life when I stumbled upon... the multiverse. Yes, the multiverse. For those who don't know, the multiverse is filled with universes, filled with different timelines and events of ACN.[]
I... I was on ACN-2. I searched throughout all the universes, and stumbled upon this one. New ACN. My parents are still alive, and all is happy. I-I thought I could fit in, but it seems that the Claus Jr. on this ACN is different. He is hated by his parents. And I noticed something: He would be the destruction of New ACN if he isn't loved."[]

- Claus Junior.