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ShieldedSwampert (or Blaze, which is her almost real name. Her real name is of no importance to anyone.) is a member of ACN who only goes on occasionally and usually has no clue what anyone else is talking about. Her, along with her 4 other Pokemon are on ACN as well.

And Villain: I'm going to kill you for deleting my page. So is Arceus and Giratina.


One day, Blaze was traveling up Mt. Coronet with a legitimate Azure Flute. She reached Spear Pillar and began playing it. She was greeted by Arceus. Arceus was displeased in being found by a human and told her to gtfo. Blaze made a deal with Arceus that if she found him in a game of Hide and Seek, he was under her command until one of them died. The game turned into a failure and now Arceus lives in Blaze's basement (which he renovated with a secret room so Blaze's mom wouldn't find out he lives there).

One day, Arceus snuck up to Blaze's room while she was at school and used her laptop and discovered the internet. All hell broke loose. When Blaze opened up her laptop when she got home she discovered thousands of folders filled with pr0nz and a search history full of 4chan. Arceus was kept in his Master Ball for 5 months as punishment.

(Another) Giratina[]

Five months later, after Arceus was released and locked into the basement, he poofed up his own laptop and called up every legendary to visit him. Nobody joined him, except Giratina (Altered Forme). Giratina shook his head in dissaproval and was about to go back to his own world when Blaze saw Giratina dn quickly caught him in another Master Ball. Giratina poofed up his own laptop and made a locked room in the basement for himself. A day or two later, Arceus accused Giratina of stealing his laptop and they got in a fight over ACN. They settled down a week later and never talk to each other in real life.


A month later, rumors were spread that Giratina and Arceus loved each other. Nobody knows if it's true of not, and it pisses them both off. It'd be kind of awkward anyway, since no one knows what gender they are.


Darkrai found Giratina and Arceus a few weeks later and asked what the heck they were doing. They explained how they got there and then Blaze discovered Darkrai and caught him in a Master Ball. Ever since Darkrai has been out for World Domination, but hasn't succeeded at all. Now he just stays in the shadows of the basement and sulks with a bag of potato chips.


It's also rumored that Darkrai and Cresselia love each other. No one knows that either. Oh well, makes more sense than Giratina and Arceus.


Swamp is Blaze's first ever Pokemon. His vocal cords were genetically changed so he can speak human. With this power, he cannot shut up at all. He is the most annoying Swampert ever.

And Blaze owns his soul.