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The ACT Beginning Era (Also known as the Beginning Age or Beginning Era) was a period of time that lasted from June 18, 2008 from September 30, 2008. This was a period of time on the forums that began what is now Animal Crossing Neighborhood. The Beginning Era lasted for about four months.


During these times, ACN's usual name was different. It was known as Animal Crossing Team. As well as the name, its URL was also different. The old URL was . Instead of Zetaboards, the board was first created on InvisionFree (The conversion to Zetaboards occurred on October 15, 2008). The official name change from Animal Crossing Team to Animal Crossing Neighborhood occurred on September 14, 2008.

Mod Staff[]

During the first two months of ACT/ACN, there were three mods appointed at the time. They were bfexplore, hookyboysb, and MylesWii. Two months later, they were removed from the team and were made regular members. Soon to replace them were Oni-Neoxes, Keno, and Noahx2.