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ACN-2 is one of the 52 universes in the ACN-multiverse. There is so much to explore, but we have barely scratched the surface!


The first mention of ACN-2 was when Claus Junior (ACN-2), visited ACN-1. Claus Junior recounted what had happened on ACN(ACT in their universe). Everybody lived in peace. Claus never died and never became the Masked Man. Things turned for the wrong when Carole joined ACT and brought along Porky, who had died years earlier without her knowledge. This Porky was Giygas in disguise. Kiki and Claus fought Giygas(Carole defended him until it led to her death) until they succeeded in killing him. However, Giygas managed to kill Kiki and Claus, and it then left Claus Junior an orphan. Jadie(who was married to Oilman) sucided because she secretly loved Claus, but never got in the way of Kiki's marriage. Leaving SuperHero(The SuperVillain of that world) all alone, Claus Junior left and joined ACN-1, where he later met his death. He did not know that SuperHero indeed did come back to ACT, and the wonderful times they would have after the dark times.

Back on ACN-2, SuperHero wondered what he could do to bring everybody back. He left ACT for a year before returning with a bunch load of new people. He managed to secretly clone Jadie(He explained to Oilman and Oilman Junior that she left with him to explore the world) and brought along a new age to ACT. SuperHero successfully managed to clone the dead. Why not the living? He experimented and finally, he successfully managed to clone himself once. He sent the clone named HeroVillain into the distant past, into the 1300's. Days later, SuperHero would meet his end when he would be killed by Oilman Junior. Oilman Junior would then rule ACT in its final days...

The Present[]

After Oilman Junior waged war against ACN-1, he bombed and destroyed the Earth of ACN-2. It wasn't some time later until Keykii unearthed HeroVillain back in the past, the clone of SuperHero on ACN-2 who had been trapped in time. She mistakingly brought him back to ACN-1, who then joined in the second ACN War. After the war ended, Oilman Junior and HeroVillain of ACN-2 vanished. ACN-2's earth was rebuilt, and everybody from there was sent back.

At the time, the Jadie clone currently controls ACT back on ACN-2. Oilman Junior is hunting down HeroVillain on ACN-1, who found out he was a clone of SuperHero.