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The 20th March 2010 Plot was a roleplaying plot devised by Ragnarok , Vix847 , and SuperVillain . Several events took place, mostly characters being killed off and battles occurring, as seen in the brief timeline below.


  1. Ragnarok proposed to Lantana, to which she accepted, and the pair became engaged.
  2. An ominous feeling overcame Ragnarok, and he was sure something bad was going to happen at the wedding.
  3. Because of these strange and worrying feelings, Ragnarok put Vix in charge of security at the wedding.
  4. Vix called in one of his loyal military commanders, Assault Commander Alexander Briggs.
  5. When everyone was walking to the wedding, Orion suddenly appeared and attacked Ragnarok. Soon, Ragnarok was dragged to the beach, where he would be sent to his afterlife (as Ragnarok is ghost).
  6. After that happened, SuperVillain appeared onto the wedding grounds, acting insane.
  7. Viller instantly teleported right after SuperVillain, and killed SuperVillain off with his Omega Beam.
  8. Just as Orion was about to do his job, Vix appeared and shot him down, making Orion dissolve into a pile of ashes.
  9. At this point, the grim reaper appeared, and it became known that he had hired Orion and one other person to take care of the job.
  10. Then, Viller equally tried to kill Ragnarok. CX came to save Ragnarok, and tried to perform a paralyzation spell from the spellbook he was presented with by Vix.
  11. However, CX missed and hit Vix instead, preventing him from killing Viller.
  12. Viller and Ragnarok engaged in hand-to-hand combat, until CX saved Vix. Then, Vix let off an EMP charge to blast Viller's evil circuits.
  13. The Grim Reaper was then trapped in a spell by Ragnarok and CX, and the wedding could go forth without interruption.